3 Ab Exercises To Get You 6 Pack Abs for Summer

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The video features 3 innovative, effective exercises to shape and tone your abdominal muscles. To get your abdominal muscles into that 6-pack shape, you could do any or all of these exercises: cable ab crunch, hanging full leg raise, and lower ab crunch on a decline bench. Each of these exercises work and put tension on your abs, keeping them tight and trim.

Remember to squeeze your abs as hard as you can as you do the exercises. And to make sure that these routines produce the best results, avoid taking breaks between reps. Keeping tension on your abs will guarantee that these muscles transform into eye-catching 6-pack abs.

Beginners stay away. These are for those who had already been working hard for a while and are ready to step up their game to get shredded.

The exercises featured here are :

1. Cable Ab crunch

Take hold of a cable used in weight-lifting equipment.

Pull the cable down, squeezing your oblique muscles as you do it. Make sure you really squeeze those obliques!

2. Hanging Full Leg Raise

Pull yourself up on the bar, making sure your entire body is adequately supported.

Swing your legs up towards the bar, squeezing your abdominal muscles along the way. Use your abdominal muscles to lift your legs up, not your leg muscles!

Once your legs are fully raised, squeeze your abdominal muscles and keep the tension there.

3. Lower Ab crunch on a Decline Bench

Lie flat on a decline bench, gripping the foothold with your hands.

Lift your legs up towards your chest and keep your legs lifted.

Use your hips to slightly lift and lower your legs, squeezing and keeping tension on your abdominal muscles.


really squeeze it in every rep

No breaks in between reps. Just constant tension

Exhale forcefully as you lift during the leg raise

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