3 Reasons Why You Fail to Achieve Your Bodybuilding Goals

You’re probably reading this because you are finding it difficult to stick to a healthy lifestyle or to religiously execute your fitness routine.

Perhaps you’ve even given up several times, and now you’re back at it again. It has become a pattern, and you want something to help you put an end to this vicious cycle of yo-yo lifestyle.

When you give up on something, it’s because at least one of the following had occurred:

#1: The goal you’ve set for yourself doesn’t really excite you in the first place.

When your goals don’t really mean much to you, it’s almost guaranteed that you will eventually decided that the potential pay-off or reward of what you’re doing is not worth your time, energy or effort. So you’ll quit.

So set goals that makes you jump out of bed in the morning!

Set goals that make you grin ear- to-ear just thinking about it!

“Lose 10 lbs of fat” sounds booorrrrrring!

Now compare it to:

  • “My goal is to transform my body so that I turn heads everywhere I go and I attract babes from left right and center!”
  • “My goal is to go from flab to fab and serve as a shining inspiration to other young men and women out there who are suffering with obesity!”

Ask what it really means to you to lose that fat or build those muscles or sculpt those abs, and translate these into strong emotions that excite you, motivate you, and energize you to take action now!

#2: You’re in denial about the consequences of every choice you make.

When you fail to follow through, when you resort to “loser mode”, it’s because you have found a way to justify or rationalize your chosen behavior.

You can really only say things like these to yourself if you’re in denial:

  • “Indulging with a box of donuts once won’t hurt,” or
  • “I’ll just work out next week” or
  • “Pigging out now won’t really produce any effect,”

The truth is that one box of donuts will eventually become two, three, four…

Choosing the couch over the gym once a week will turn to 2x a week, 4x a week, 6x a week..

Get this in your head now: every single thing you do, every choice you make- no matter how “little” or “big” – has consequences. To think otherwise is naivety.

#3: You haven’t grasped the pain-pleasure principle

When you are in really bad shape and yet you’re still not doing something about it, it’s probably because you haven’t attached enough emotional pains to being fat, unfit, unhealthy, unattractive, etc.

So in your mind it’s still perfectly acceptable to be the way you are now. You’re still OK to stay fat, unattractive, unfit, obese, unhealthy…

Alternatively, it may be that you haven’t attached enough emotional pleasures to being fit, looking ripped, making heads turn with your sleek body, having well-defined muscles, feeling energized, being athletic, being attractive, being active, feeling super sexy, being simply irresistible, fitting into fabulous glamorous new clothes that look really good on you, being able to play with your friends, kids or grandkids, etc.

You may have attached psychological pains to working out, to eating well or to exercising – rather than attaching psychological pleasures to the things essential to your progress.

For example, when you are tempted to eat a tub of ice cream right there in front of you:

You can link pleasure to eating the ice cream: the smooth creamy feeling of it in your mouth, the sweetness of it, the satisfaction it will give you, etc.


You can visualize the nasty fats and sugars in it and see it turning into ugly, disgusting stomach fat and attaching itself to you forever, cursing you into a lifetime of depression, sickness, and immobility…

The choice is yours.


Failing to achieve your goals is not entirely your fault. Most of the time it’s simply a case of not knowing what tools to use in order to effectively get what we truly want.

Here are some short and quick tips to help you stay focused and on track:

  • Set worthy goals! Set BIG HAIRY goals that excite you, energize you, and inspire you to be bigger, brighter and better than ever!
  • When faced with a temptation, be sure to link massive pleasure to the action that will move you closer to your goal, and link immense unbearable pain to the choice that will merely let you stay in your comfort zone.
  • Set up a reward to look forward to if you followed through. It must be something tat really inspires you.
  • Set up a punishment dreadful enough for you to not even consider failing. Have a punishment so bad, so horrible, so disgusting that it will simply leave no room for doubt or hesitation!
  • Become accountable. Assign someone else to execute the reward or the punishment, whichever is applicable. Make sure they are not the type who’ll let you off the hook!


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