3 Reasons Why You’re Not Burning Fat

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Losing weight can be extremely frustrating at times. You curb your eating habits, make sacrifices on a daily basis but somehow seem to be struggling to lose weight. If you are putting the effort in to lose weight the least you want to see are some results. Without seeing results your motivation can take a serious hit. When times get tough hang in there. You will see results! Here are three of the top reasons why you are not losing weight and burning fat.

You Are Not Tracking Your Calories!

Time and time again people fail to realize that they are actually eating too much food in order to lose weight. My advice here would be to track your calorie intake on a daily basis. Write down what foods you are eating throughout a typical day and jot down how many calories they all add up to at the end of the day. Most people are surprised to find their calorie intake so high when they actually sit down and track their calories for a few days. This is mainly down to bad food choices. Bad food choices lead to the consumption of extra calories. Pick healthy nutritious foods and track your calories and you will begin to lose more weight.

You Are Not Consistent!

If you are not consistent in your eating habits you will find it tough to lose weight and burn away that unwanted fat. Consistency is the key to weight loss. If you can be consistent then you will lose weight. Train your mind to focus on achieving what you have set out to do. Imagine what you will look like when you finally lose that weight. Next time you feel like cheating on your diet ask yourself if you are really hungry. Ask yourself if this is worth sacrificing your weight loss attempts for. Remember that weight loss takes time. Each day you stray from your diet the longer it will take to reach your ideal weight.

You Have Not Set Yourself Any Goals!

Whether you are looking to gain muscle or burn fat you should always set goals. Goals are powerful. Write them down in black and white and read them every single day. Setting goals can help motivate you and keep your mind focused on eating right and losing weight on a consistent basis. If you have something to work towards you have a reason to work hard on your diet and your training. You have a reason to make sacrifices. Goals make your actions seem worthwhile. When you have a bad day and lose motivation to lose weight, revert back to your goals and remind yourself of the reason you are doing this. Track your calories, be consistent and set yourself some achievable goals and there is no limit to how much weight you can lose!

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Ynnah Yeung

Female Fitness Specialist

Ynnah Yeung is a nutrition specialist for women that want slimmer, more defined bodies. Together with her husband Clément Yeung, she runs Muscle 4 Hardgainers from around the world.

  1. #2 “You Are Not Consistent!”
    I think this is the BIGGEST problem with people, especially with a lot of beginner runners that I know. They would justify having a massive meal ‘just because I ran today’ – and the ‘run’ was about 20 minutes of mild jogging.