5 Ways to Stay Focused During Weight Training Routines


For those of you who have gotten as far as to have a workout plan ready, your problems therefore aren’t about preparation but about implementation.

You’ve already found out what body type you are and you have set weight training routines in place meaning that you have already determined what muscle groups you need to work on most. The next step is getting the workout done properly – with a level of intensity & certainty that it actually does what it’s supposed to do.

But because this is the start of your plan, you’re not used to the strain on your body and it can end up being an uncomfortable and overwhelming ride. Getting off the ride is incredibly easy in this phase, and that’s why we must stay completely focused.

5 Ways to Stay Focused During Your Weight Lifting Routines
5 Ways to Stay Focused During Your Weight Training Routines

So what can you do to stay focused to it?

  1. Get clear on your goals The clearer you are, the less you have to take your focus away from what you need to do, and believe me – if you’re serious about working out – you’re gonna need all the focus you can get.  Having the body you want means you need to be ready to take on anything, even if it means adhering to strict weight training routines.
  2. Accept your mission Let’s be honest here – you’re in the gym and you’re here for a reason. Whatever that reason may be – don’t forget it. Accept that there is absolutely nothing else that you are going to do within the four walls of your gym other than sweat through your workout and give it your absolute best. There is no other choice – and you must accept that before you begin.
  3. Do or die Will Smith once said in an interview that when he gets into the gym, he tells himself that either he completes what he sets out to do (his sets, reps, rest periods – the whole 9 yards) or he dies. Basically, again he’s reinforcing the fact that he’s only going to give himself one course of action – DO THE WORKOUT.. or die, follow your weight training routines effectively. Simple and effective.
  4. Forget about the outside world (and that girl in the tight pants to your left) for the next hour One thing that you can end up doing which will dramatically affect your workout is to constantly ponder on things that don’t have anything to do with your workout. Stress releases a hormone called Cortisol into your bloodstream, which actually prevents muscle growth. Not only should you not be stressing out in the gym – you shouldn’t be stressing out at all! There is a kinesiological belief that when one focuses on negative thoughts they are not able to command as much physical power. I would very much agree with this. Focusing on positive things, such as good looking women, may not be as harmful but there’s a time and a place for that – all focus should be emphasized on your weight training routines set for the duration of your workout and the set goals that you have given yourself at the start!
  5. Become friends with pain Who ever died of pain? Do you know anyone? I certainly don’t. Sure, pain is an indicator that your body is under attack – and when I do my weight training routines, I certainly aim to attack my body. The kind of pain associated with muscle overload is a good pain – it tells us that we’re having a positive impact. Welcome and appreciate it – it’s your key to success. I know that this is harder said than done, so use a strict tempo during your workouts and this will keep you from concentrating on the pain.


I don’t expect you to waltz into the gym for your next session and act like Arnold Schwarzenegger or some professional athlete. This will probably take a while to fully sink in and you should work your way up to being more efficient, step by step.  One of the fastest ways of burning out in the gym is to try to be perfect from the get-go. However, recognize that you have the ability to be a lean, mean, workout machine regardless of your background and you should always work towards this by being as focused as you can be. I can’t stress it enough, weight training routines are there for a reason, and that is for you to adhere to with utmost diligence. If you do this, I guarantee that you will see a huge difference in the results you get from your training.




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  1. Thanks Andy :) You’re right – and it’s like passive smoking right? They come up to you and they’re all in your face looking for small talk.

    Not in the gym buddy!

  2. “Forgetting about the outside world” is SO important – I see way too many guys at my gym who seem incapable of keeping their attention on their workouts. One moment they’re sending a text message, another they’re chatting with a mate and delaying the start of their next set. Personally, I prefer to plug in my ipod and just keep pushing ’til the workout’s complete. Unless the intensity is high, the results probably won’t be very impressive.