Hi there, my name is Clément and I’m so glad you found this blog.

You’re probably wondering who I am, why I started a natural muscle building blog, and what this blog can exactly do for you.

So what made me decide to start this blog?

The truth is that it all started with a lie.

A big fat scam.

A con.

A fraud.

An organized, clever weave of deception and manipulation.

Ok, lemme backtrack a bit.

You see, as a naturally skinny guy, I’ve always suffered from bodily insecurities. When I was a young boy, girls never seemed to notice me. So I figured I’d just hide. I wore long-sleeved shirts to hide my bony arms. I wore really loose fitting clothes in an attempt to hide my flat chest, non-existent bum and pin-like legs. The only time I would go for a swim is when I knew not many people will be around to see me topless wearing nothing but my shorts. :(

I ate and ate and ate to try gain weight but everything just seemed to go straight out of me. I went to the gym religiously and did everything I read from bodybuilding magazines and books.

And most importantly (or so I thought) I bought and consumed all sorts of bodybuilding supplements. You name it, I probably took it. After all, MASSIVE guys were swearing by these products – so they must really work, right?


But I remained skinny. Lanky. Scrawny.

I never really liked having photos taken so this is the best I have of me when I was in my training prime at university. At this time I was working out every day and taking supplements.
I never really liked having photos taken so this is the best I have of me when I was in my “training prime” at university. At this time I was working out every day and taking supplements.

After investigating why I couldn’t gain muscle no matter how hard I tried, there must only be one reason: I wasn’t doing enough!

I mean, how come everyone else taking all those supplements and lifting all those weights were big except me? Surely it must have been MY fault, right? There must have been no other reason.

So I pushed and pushed and pushed – and spent more on supplements.

I kept on working harder and harder at the gym, spending nearly 10 hours a week pumping iron. If doing one program for 3 to 4 weeks didn’t make me gain muscle weight, I would switch to another muscle building program right away. Why waste time on useless workouts, right?

If there were new supplements released in the market promising the latest groundbreaking ingredient or scientific discovery, I was one of the first people to buy them. And buy them by the truckload I did. Why take any chances, right?

I did these for years. Yep – I spent years doing the same things over and over again expecting a different result! (uhm, remind me what the definition of “insanity” or “stupidity” is again?)

For more than 7 years I tried to build muscle this way. And what have I got to show for it?

Nothing. I remained more or less the same weight – skinny. Thin. Weak.

Of course I just kept all my insecurities inside. I didn’t dare talk about it. I pretended they didn’t matter.

That is, until I stumbled upon a couple of muscle building authors who were saying things that were completely different to what I knew.

They were both talking about bodybuilding without spending a lot of time at the gym nor a lot of money on supplements! I thought they were just trying to be different, but when I saw their eye-popping muscles they got my attention alright!

But what fascinated me the most was how they were able to build muscles both for themselves and countless other people. Could they hold the answers I was looking for? Only one way to find out.

For the next few days I devoured their materials and studied their teachings. I learned more about proper Nutrition and weight training for bodybuilders in just 1 week compared to all those years I was reading bodybuilding magazines. (Although I didn’t stop buying supplements until I was forced to save up for a car! :-P)

I also understood exactly how muscles were built by our bodies- the physiological, psychological and biochemical factors that contribute to muscle building, and also the elements of proper weight training and adequate recovery.

By applying the principles I’ve learned from these authors, I was able to put on 5 kg of weight within the first 10 weeks of the program. I wouldn’t say that’s purely muscle, but that’s the most muscle building success I’ve ever had in my entire life – so I’m a happy guy!

This is me about a month and a half ago. As you can see Ive put on quite a lot of muscle mass and Im so much happier now because of it.
This is me after applying the principles that Vince DelMonte and Tom Venuto teaches. As you can see I put on quite a lot of muscle mass and I became so much happier because of it.

After a brief hiatus from bodybuilding by managing various online businesses and finding that I had very little time to do what I loved, I returned to use Vince Del Monte’s and Tom Venuto’s mass gaining and fat burning principles and I was able to achieve what I believe to be my best physique to date.

Before and After 2010 No Nonsense Muscle Building
My first Before and After of applying Vince and Tom’s advice.

Now, even though I’m regularly getting attention from the opposite sex, and even though I feel like I’m so much more confident and able to assert myself – I’m also angry.

I’m angry because I realize how I fell for numerous scams perpetrated by many bodybuilding and weight gain companies all these years. It ticks me off that I (along with countless other men and women – young and old alike) wasted so much time, money and energy on things that didn’t do at all what they were supposed to (and possibly even harmed us).

My second and more recent “Before & After” whilst training for a competition

When I experienced for myself what truly worked in muscle building, I was so shocked and appalled by the lies and deceit that were being fed to us by scrupulous marketers and business people whose interests rested only on how they could prey on our emotions so they could repeatedly squeeze the most money out of our pockets.

I just couldn’t keep my mouth shut. I had to let others know. So even though I’m nowhere near my ideal body just yet (so far I’ve gone from 67.5 kg to 76 kg in 15 weeks), I decided to set up this blog to help spread the word to other people out there who, like me just a few months ago, are still struggling to find the answers to their bodily-related insecurities.

In this blog I hope to share with you my own bodybuilding journey and everything I know about how to get muscles and gain weight – without the use of drugs or harmful, bogus supplements.

Besides, I trust that you’ve heard it all before: empty promises of con artists claiming that your dream body comes in a pill or that you can easily have the body you want just by drinking a potion they concocted. What a load of crap!

This blog isn’t about quick fix solutions, because frankly they don’t work. So if you’re still hoping to find that “magic secret”, that quick fix “magical potion” that will transform your body overnight without any effort from you, let me save you some time – you wouldn’t find it here.

Instead, what you’ll find here are what truly works.

Muscle4Hardgainers is for those who are struggling to gain weight, build muscle – and sustain these results naturally, effectively, healthily and inexpensively.
If you are wishing to embark on a bulking phase (gain weight) you’ll find a wealth of free resources here at Muscle4Hardgainers. However, if your goal is fat-cutting while muscle building, there are plenty of resources here as well on the Fat Loss section of the blog.

My commitment to you is to serve as your honest source of information. You will find that I recommend or review a handful of products here. The products I feature here are only those that I myself have bought, tested, sampled or used, and regardless of the results I got I will let you know my take on them so that you can make a more informed purchasing decision.

I’ve learned that the shortest path to success is to take the steps of those people who have already produced the results you want – and the good news is that everything you need to achieve your muscle building goals are here in this blog. While the amount of muscle gains and improvement you’ll achieve all depends on your determination, genetics and effort, as long as you truly apply what works, you will reap massive gains.

So that’s me – now how about you?

What’s your story?

Why are you here and what is it exactly that you are looking for?

What have you tried and what have you experienced to work for you? Share them with me here and let me know. Better yet, why not drop me an email and lemme know how I can help? clement[at]Muscle4Hardgainers.com

To your Bodybuilding Success!

Clément Yeung

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