Body Builders Guide to Becoming Motivated and Unstoppable (Part 1)

What do you think is the most common reason why most body builders fail to achieve the body of their dreams?

What do you think is the most common reason why most aspiring body builders eventually give up?

Can you guess?

NOT setting goals the right way which then causes them to not take the necessary actions to achieve those goals.

Most people just say something like, “I want to gain rock hard muscles”, or “I want to get ripped”, or “I want to have single digit body fat,” – and that’s it.

No wonder only a very small percentage succeed in bodybuilding or losing weight!

To achieve your bodybuilding goals effectively, you must set your goals in a way that simply leaves no room for any other option but SUCCESS.

What we’ll show you here are just some of the bodybuilding goal-setting techniques you’ll learn in Vince Del Monte’s Nononsense Muscle Building, and in Tom Venuto’s Burn the Fat Feed the Muscle e-books.

In this article, we’ll cover proven tactics to help you stick to your bodybuilding or fat loss goal, and be naturally disciplined and  focused. If applied diligently, you could change from ‘lazy’ to Motivated, from ‘loser’ to utterly Unstoppable!

1. Raise Your Standards!

Most people don’t find the motivation to change until they hit rock bottom.  But “rock bottom” is different for every person. Your standards will define if “rock bottom” is being 20/40/60 lbs overweight, or if it’s being featured on TV for being the most obese person in the whole world! (Yikes!)

Raising your standards means making a firm decision about what you’re NOT going to accept or tolerate in your life anymore.

Let’s face it: you wouldn’t change until you want it bad enough.

Bad enough to act and do what’s necessary.

If you raise your standards high enough, certain things will become utterly unacceptable.

It will become unacceptable to lie on the couch watching TV all day and binge eating – stuffing ice cream, cakes, crisps, and chocolate chip cookies in your mouth all day long.

It’ll become unthinkable to not exercise at least 3x a week.

It’ll become gross to even look at junk, highly processed, fatty foods.

So the question now is: How high are you prepared to raise your standards?

2.  Make a Real DECISION, not a fake one!

Decide now what you really want more than anything else, and vow to keep working until you get it.

When I say decide, I mean truly decide, NOT a half-assed “oh ok I’ll give it a try…” Bah! As Yoda said, “Do or not do. There is no try.” Damn right he is!

The word ‘decide’ came from the Latin word decidere, which literally means “to cut off”.  So when you decide to get ripped or have a single digit body fat, cut off all other options. Leave no room for any doubt or hesitation; leave no room for any other choice or possibility.

That’s what it means to be “single-minded”, and that’s the secret to mastery – choosing one option (and that same option) every time you’re presented with the choice.

Making a true decision to lose belly fat could mean choosing vegetable salad over French fries every single time you’re presented with that choice;

Making a true decision to commit to a bodybuilding diet means committing to specific lifestyle choices, even if it could mean giving up your favourite dessert or cutting back on your alcohol intake or late night parties.

Yes it’s NOT easy – but you can bet your cojones that it IS WORTH it! (and the only ones who ever said it’s easy are those trying to sell you some magic pills or useless weight gain supplements!)

Think These People Got their Bodies Without Determination, Focus and Hard Work?

3. Write down your goals and truly commit to them.

Writing down your goals makes it more real and official in your mind.

The pay-offs must mean A LOT to you – they must excite you, energize you, and motivate you to jump out of bed every morning, ready to face yet another day to move forward!

Your long-term goals must be clear, specific, measurable, time-bound, and they must be audacious, BIG and hairy! You can then break these down to short-term goals to have a clear idea about what you should be doing per month, per week and per day.

Vince Del Monte, author of No-nonsense Muscle Building e-book, confessed,  “Competing in my first fitness model show was the only decision that truly motivated me to get the best body of my life.”

You must have a goal so lofty, so grand, so amazing, so WORTHY – that you’re willing to give anything and everything to achieve it!

Are you ready to step up and dream BIG dreams? Write them down.

4.  Bring yourself to commit to your goals on ALL levels

By ALL levels I mean committing: emotionally, intellectually, mentally, physically, spiritually – to achieving  the desired outcome!

Ever wondered why you keep doing things that you’re “not supposed to do”?

You know what I mean:  pigging out, skipping a gym session or drinking too much when you know it’ll sabotage your bodybuilding goals? Well that’s because there’s literally 2 sides of you battling with each other.

One side wants to get ripped, lose belly fat, get lean fast, get big, earn the admiration and respect of other guys, turn heads with his 6-pack abs, etc.

The other side wants to just binge, eat all the delicious fatty sugary greasy junk foods, stay fat and watch TV and drink booze and lead a comfy life.

You subconscious mind is responsible for dictating your habits and behaviour. If your indulgent, lazy side is winning more often, it means that you’d been giving mixed messages to your subconscious mind.

Tom Venuto laid out a comprehensive step-by-step guide in Burn the Fat Feed the Muscle ebook that will show you how to re-program your Subconscious Mind with positive instructions and thus develop positive habits as opposed to negative ones.

The key is to program your mind to focus on what you really really really want.

How do you do this? You’ll have to get the book for full instructions, but just to give you a taster, it involves re-reading your goals every day with super-charged emotions, drilling them in your head constantly and visualizing your desired outcome every day.

If you’re sniggering at this idea, think again. This is the same process that the top athletes in the world practices like Muhammad Ali, David Beckham and Tiger Woods. If it works for these champions, it should work for you, too.


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