Bodybuilding Workout Myths: Are You Falling Victim To These?

Click here to Get from Scrawny to BrawnyAre you a hard gainer? Have you tried various bodybuilding workout programs in an effort to gain weight or get bigger muscles – but to no avail?

Have you religiously spent fortunes on supplements and concoctions you couldn’t even stand the smell of and with ingredients you couldn’t even pronounce?

Did your “muscle-building” workout involve lifting impossible weights until your muscles failed and your body gave in to fatigue?

Did your Bodybuilding workout routine consisted of spending countless hours at the gym – every day – to make sure you worked out every single muscle in isolation?

Did it work?

The fact that you’re reading this is a sign that they didn’t.

That’s because, put simply, you have fallen victim to these common Bodybuilding Workout Myths:

Bodybuilding Workout Myth #1: “To Get Big Muscles, Train like a Bodybuilder.”

The fact is that the average person doesn’t have the luxury to devote even just 4 or 5 hours a week to pumping iron.

Besides, even if you do have the time, do you honestly think that professional bodybuilders get to be the size they are without any “special vitamins”?

Bodybuilding magazines are at the forefront of telling you that you need to train like a bodybuilder – have you ever wondered WHY?

Bodybuilding Workout Myth #2: “Train until failure.”

When you wanted a tan, did you have to burn yourself under the sun first? When you first tried to learn a particular skill, did you have to keep doing it until you couldn’t do it anymore?

The fact is that we just have to do enough in order for our body to adopt and change to the demands to which we subject it.

Subjecting your muscle to overkill just so it could explode in size is one of the most common myths ever told.

We have been led to believe that intensity equals failure, and that muscle failure is the ONLY way your muscles are ever going to be stimulated to grow.

Bodybuilding Workout Myth #3: “Train one muscle per day, every day!”

Subjecting your body to work until failure and then NOT giving it enough time to recover is exactly the reason why your muscles will never grow.

Understand that it’s not just your muscles alone that need recovering. Your entire body – including your central nervous system, hormonal system, and immune system need to recover as well, and they usually take longer to do so.

Remember too that it’s during the rest phase that your entire system heal, repair and adapt – NOT while you’re pumping iron – so the rest phase IS critical in order for your body to grow.

No-Nonsense Muscle Building
No-Nonsense Muscle Building

In Conclusion

Outlined above are just some of the many bodybuilding workout myths that we had all been fed. If you have tried abiding by these rules and saw no positive results come out of it, perhaps it’s time you find out the truth about what really works when it comes to building muscle mass.

The truth is that it IS possible to have an effective bodybuilding workout that:

  • takes far less time than you are spending now
  • doesn’t require you to work until you can work no more
  • doesn’t require any drugs
  • doesn’t require buying truckloads of expensive and harmful supplements or chemicals

I have done it, many of my readers have done it, so there’s no reason why you can’t do it, too. To find out how you too can start your own transformation click the link given below:

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