Fat Gripz give you big arms

Fat Gripz attached to a barbell.

If you’re having trouble getting big arms from your training, then let me show you a shortcut that is up until now, an industry “secret” (not many people know about this technique at all).

Big arms with Fat Gripz
Here I am with the stupidest facial expression in Seoul, South Korea, sporting some pumped forearms

Thick bar training is the fastest way to get big arms

Up until the beginning of 2013, I had no idea what thick bar training was. I had simply never heard of it. I was working out often and was generally happy with my results, but my arms—especially my forearms—didn’t seem to be making much progress at all. I knew about grip training but it felt so boring and excessive at the end of an intense workout, so I neglected it.

It was then that I was introduced to a couple of brilliant entrepreneurs whom had created a ridiculously simple yet effective bodybuilding product: a couple of super high-quality grips that easily slide on to any bar in your gym to increase its girth (OK, I just said girth).

Increasing the thickness of the bar does a few things that help you get big arms, faster:

  • It stimulates far more muscle activation in your body—mostly in your arms.
  • It eliminates your weak links by making them stronger.
  • When you use thicker bars you’re training your muscles at many more angles.
  • Grip training is incorporated into every bar exercise, meaning it’s no longer an afterthought that can be forgotten or neglected.
  • It requires a lot more focus to lift properly, leading to more intense, effective
  • Many people report that thicker bars prevent and even alleviate injuries because of the incorporation of additional muscle groups and a greater surface area to lessen pressure on joints.
Thick bar training Fat Gripz attached to an olympic bar
Fat Gripz easily attach to any bar

Introducing Fat Gripz

Today, it’s pretty hard to find any thick bars in stores, much less in gyms. The reason thick bars aren’t mainstream anymore is because it’s easier for thinner bars to be picked up by beginners and females, which appeals to businesses that want to capitalise on as many memberships as possible. It makes sense, but also sucks considering thick bars are brilliant for getting big arms, fast.

Fat Gripz (pictured above) solve this problem by easily attaching to any bar in the gym. They can be placed on olympic bars, dumbbells, EZ bars, pull up bars, machine handles and so on. They’re made of a rugged military-grade material that feels snug when you hold it, and which the owners claim won’t break! They’re relatively small cylinders with a small vertical gap down the entire length of the grip. Simply pull it apart and slide it onto the bar and you’re good to go—it’s that simple.

Are they difficult to use?

Nope. They are actually really fun to use. It’s challenging (in a good way) to get used to them because it can feel a little strange when you first start lifting thicker bars (your muscles are being tested to work harder than they usually do), and once you get the hang of it, you’ll feel an incredible burn in your forearms that will lead to big pumps like in my photo at the top along with added vascularity to impress yourself and the ladies around you that like big arms!

It took me around a month to get my arms used to Fat Gripz, and I started seeing results at around the 1.5 month mark. Now, I use Fat Gripz in every workout session as it keeps my arms conditioned and growing—even if I’m doing squats or dead lifts.

Who’s using Fat Gripz?

Oh, just the following people and organisations:

Top bodybuilders use Fat Gripz

  • US Special Forces
  • British Royal Marine Commandos
  • NFL teams
  • Top UFC fighters
  • Champion bodybuilders (see picture above)
  • Law enforcement officers
  • Elite powerlifters
  • Crossfit athletes

They’ve also been featured by:

  • Mens Health Magazine
  • Men’s Fitness magazine
  • Ironman magazine
  • Flex magazine
  • Maximum Fitness magazine
  • Musclar Development magazine
  • The New York Times #1 Best Seller, The 4 Hour Body by Tim Ferriss

If you really want [thirstylink linkid=”3652″ linktext=”big arms” class=”thirstylink” title=”big arms”] visit their website to find out more and get your hands on a pair. Literally. Keep in mind that Fat Gripz are a great training tool, but you’ll still need to ensure you’re consuming enough high quality food—especially protein. Foods like organic chicken, organic red meat and [thirstylink linkid=”3660″ linktext=”organic whey protein” class=”thirstylink” title=”organic whey protein”] are not only good for you but they can help build lean muscle.

I hope that helps you big arms enthusiasts! If you grab a pair, post your training and progress pics here for everyone to see that they really do work, and fast.
Fat Gripz


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