Get Ripped 6 Pack Abs in Time for Summer

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Summer is here and like me, you’ve probably already booked your Summer vacation somewhere exotic, sunny and teeming with sexy ladies in skimpy bikinis…

Question is, are you beach-worthy?

Jack Black 6 Pack
This is NOT what we mean by "beach-worthy"

Listen up and watch this vid – you get to hear the advice of Sukru, a fitness model, on how he got to 4% body fat!

Some of the things they mentioned in the video above are:

1. No fast food

2. No sugars or major carbs after the gym


I know it sounds rather harsh, and you may find the advice on this video a little too extreme but look at their bodies and realize that what they say is really what it takes to have a physique like that. (Just think of the way ladies’ heads will be turning when you walk down the beach flexin your buff bod and showing your 6 pack abs…)

Burak also gives out 3 interesting RULES you must follow to get ready for summer in order to tone your abs within 6 weeks.

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