How Much Protein Should You Consume Per Day?

Did you know that the Daily Reference Value (DRV) standard proposed by the FDA is actually based on a protein assessment as a percentage of calories taken in by the body – without regard for the kind of calories and whether or not they are suitable for the particular person consuming them? So we can just throw the standard recommended daily protein requirements out the window right now. The DRV for protein averages to about 50 grams per adult on a 2,000 calorie a day regimen, regardless of age or sex.

The thing is, the older RDA standard is based on age and sex of a person, with an unclear acknowledgement that special periods such as pregnancy and injury calls for higher levels of protein — but no mention on cases of athletes or seniors, and no consideration of overall calories consumed. But then again, if you go to most protein supplement stores, the protein supplement recommendations are based on body weight ranging from 0.8 grams protein per kg of bodyweight to 1.2-1.8 g/kg. For a 70 kg adult (154 lbs) that works out to over 100 grams of protein a day — and some recommendations even state as much as 300 grams a day. Which makes us wonder, how can a 150 lb adult who weighs 300 lbs because of obesity really need the same amount of protein as a 300 lb football linebacker – given that they both supposedly “work out” each day?

The bottom line is: it’s not a matter of whether you consume so much protein everyday or not, but whether you are getting clean protein source daily such as from an all natural, vegan protein source. The fact is, most people could do with about 45-55 grams of protein per day with significantly less protein per day, which is significantly less compared to many food consumption surveys’ requirement of protein intake of about 100 grams per day (regardless of body type, sex, or exercise levels), with about 70% of that from high fat animal products.

However, people such as performance athletes, active adults, senior citizens, and people recovering from illness or injury have special needs and may have requirements that go up to as much as 70-100 grams daily. Moreover, these bodybuilders we’ve mentioned are looking to build as much muscle mass as is humanly possible. Every bodybuilder is aware of one’s own requirements when it comes to building maximum muscle mass and further improving performance. (Here’s the protein powder I consume regularly: Sun Warrior Protein. Check it out if you’re interested in using protein for muscle building)

Based on gender and age, below is the table that shows the amount of protein one should consume:

Children Women Men
Age Grams Age Grams Age Grams
1-3 23 11-14 46 11-14 45
4-6 30 15-18 46 15-18 56
7-10 34 19-22 44 19-22 56
23+ 44 23+ 56
Pregnant +30
Lactating +30


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  1. Sir my age is 16 my height is 5 feet 5 inches iam 25 kgs weight iwant build muscle can i build muscle pls give me atable what to eat daily

  2. hie i am a hardgainer trying to build muscle i want to know how much protein should i eat per day

    1. Hi Cris,

      Try this formula:

      Lean Mass Weight (Kg) x 2.75 = Daily Protein Requirement

      A man weighs 200 pounds with 20% body fat.

      200 / 2.2 (convert to Kg) = 90.90 Kg
      20% of 90.90 = 18.18 Kg
      90.90 – 18.18 = 72.72 Kg – Lean body mass in Kg
      72.72 x 2.75 = 199.98

      So, therefore a 200lb, 20% body fat man should be shooting for around 200 grams of protein in his diet every day.