How To Gain Weight If You Are a Hardgainer

By Vince del Monte

No Nonsense Muscle BuildingIf you’re someone who has struggled their whole life, how to gain weight and extra muscle mass, you’re not alone.

I was once skinny and underweight myself…

Guys predispositioned to being underweight are usually referred to as “hard gainers.” Unfortunately, this merely serves as a convenient way to label your scrawny frame which soon turns into a mental block and a great excuse why looking good and getting bigger is simply impossible for you.

But hey… listen up: It’s NOT your fault!

In the skinny guy’s defense, the truth is that you’ve been cursed with traits like super fast metabolisms, long gangly limbs, and the strength of a wimp. The fact is that you have to fight with every bone in your body to do something about your small frame and to keep up with your buddies who seem to grow muscle just by coughing!

Right now you might believe your genetic inadequacies have condemned you to a life of weakness and surprised looks when others find out you lift weights; but don’t give up hope just yet. I defeated my skinny genes and I am about to show you four tips that helped me go up from a 149 pound wuss to a rock hard 190-lb muscle man in just six short months.

I am living proof that hard gainers can transcend their physical limitations and gain muscle weight.

The Keys To Gaining Weight Fast

Are you sick and tired of people telling you how to gain weight? They’re probably saying things like:

  • “All you have to do is eat lots and lots to gain weight…”
  • “Weight gain is just a matter of eating more and lifting more weights…”
  • “You just gotta overload your system to gain weight fast…”

There’s a degree of truth to these assertions and they can be powerful. But the issue with this advice is that they don’t show you real world practical and specific how-to action steps.

At the end of the day, you don’t just want to gain ‘weight‘ per se. After all, who wants to gain weight by gaining FAT? What you really want is some solid muscles.

But first, get this first: Skinny guys must play by a different set of rules.

“Taking bodybuilding advice from someone who can gain muscle weight easily, is like taking financial advice from someone who inherited millions or is making money through illegal means.”

You must think creatively and do away with labelling yourself as a “hardgainer.” It’s time to stop heeding the naysayer’s advice who convinced you that it’s impossible to get bigger just because of your genetics. Irrespective of what you’ve been led to believe, you do have the potential to build a desirable physique that intimidates and makes heads turn! You must believe this completely in order to gain muscles!

If you’re serious about never getting described as ‘skinny’, ‘gangly’, ‘wuss’, or ‘weak’ again, follow these simple steps and don’t be surprised if you gain an extra ten pounds of muscle in the next 28 days.

Here are four ‘little known’ how-to-action-steps that will force your body to GAIN WEIGHT – musle mass that is, even if you’re underweight!

1. Pile it on.

One of the most pragmatic steps you can take is to double your food intake. If you’re eating one plate per meal than cook up for two. If you’re only eating two meals a day then consume four. If you’re eating one piece of fruit per day then make it two – or more.

Most likely you’re only a couple of dozen meals short of padding your underdeveloped body parts and attracting the attention of that sexy young woman at your gym.So go to the kitchen now and get some food out. You really have no good excuse not to shovel down a bigger share of calories by doubling it up!

2. Live your life around food.

Sure you know that you must eat every 2-3 hours but how well do you execute? Set your clock on a countdown timer to go off every 2 and ½ hours so that you reinforce the habit of eating virtually not a second late for each meal! Don’t turn off the damn alarm until you begin tucking in.

Ensure you’re eating your breakfast within 15-30 minutes of getting out of bed – absolutely no later. Your breakfast should always consist of REAL food to flood your body with quality nutrients. By this I mean fruits, raw fruit juices, some good complex carbs, and low-fat meals with ingredients that you are able to pronounce.

Don’t be surprised if you’re not putting on weight if you don’t find yourself spending more time preparing food, more time eating food and more time in the grocery store.

3. Use BIG eating equipment.

If you’d like to bulk then you have to eat like Hulk. Do you think Hulk eats out of small plate, or a small bowl or a small cup? If you’re aiming to get large and huge, you’re going to need big quantities of food that’s at least double of what you normally consume.

So get BIG eating equipment! Get a BIG cup, get a BIG bowl and get a BIG plate. Surround yourself with BIG. Most of the time hard gainers are actually just “under eaters.” If you struggle to complete a meal then a bigger serving on a bigger plate will look small.

4. Never train on an empty stomach.

Would you take your car out on a long trip with an empty fuel tank? Not unless you wanted the car to die and push it the rest of the way. So why on earth would you take your body through a gruelling bodybuilding workout session on an empty stomach?

How many times have you woken up, whipped up a protein shake and then headed off to the gym? Or maybe you had a long afternoon and missed a few meals and then attempted a weight training workout after work?

I thought this was common sense to avoid, until a few of my skinny clients confessed that they were working out despite having eaten only a piece of fruit and some crackers all day!

I understand that training in the morning is the only time for some however I recommend to aim for a minimum of three solid meals in your system prior to working out. Or have the biggest meal of your day straightaway after your morning bodybuilding workout.

Here’s my promise to you. You have the ability to gain minimum of ten pounds of solid muscle in the next 28 days by simply implementing the practices outlined above. If you’re truly dedicated to your goals of gaining muscle weight and no longer being called underweight then I trust that you’ll rise to the challenge and take action now!

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About the Author:
Vince DelMonte is the author of No Nonsense Muscle Building: Skinny Guy Secrets To Insane Muscle Gain. He specializes in teaching skinny guys how to build muscle and gain weight quickly without drugs, supplements and training less than before.


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