How Women Can Get a Sweet Set of Muscles

Woman squatting in the gym

A woman with hard, toned, muscles seems to be a thing of the fitness geek’s dreams. This far-off idea of being a ‘built woman’ seems to be unattainable, and for most people, impossible.

If you are one of those women who dreams of being able to hold their own with the men in arm-wrestling competitions, or being a performer in the gun show, then this article will give you tips on how to obtain a sweet set of muscles.

Female bodybuilding is simple when you follow these fundamental workout principles

Firstly, a huge mistake that many women make, is training with light weights, for a large number of repetitions. The muscle fibers that are the most powerful have the amazing ability to grow, and regenerate incredibly quickly. This means, that in order to harness the true power of these muscles, you need to use heavier weights, and do fewer reps. Ladies, how awesome would it feel to know that you are not only holding your own with the men at the gym, but ALSO creating for yourself a sweet set of muscles?

The reason for the smaller amount of reps, and the heavier weights is that weight training has the strange paradox of breaking the muscle fiber. By reducing the number of repetitions that you are doing, and giving yourself a proper rest period, you will allow your body to build new muscle, thereby helping you on your way to those coveted toned, visible muscles!

Everyone that has some knowledge of fitness will always use the same, cliché phrase; “Feel the burn.” While most of us are sick of hearing those over-used words, the theory and principle behind them is really important in helping women (and men) build a sweet set of muscles. The build-up of lactic acid in your muscles is a sure sign that you are destroying those muscle fibers, which will allow your body to replenish, and your muscles to get bigger. There’s no point wasting an hour a day to lift tiny weights, while being more interested with the celebrities on television. This will waste your time. You will never build muscle if you don’t put in all the effort that you can.

As with trying to lose weight, diet is a very important part in the journey to building muscle mass. The most important thing you need when exercising is energy, but think different to chocolate and soda. A fast, and quick way to have a muscle-working meal is with a protein shake. Protein powder can be found at fitness stores and online. A delicious shake includes milk (including non-dairy varieties), banana, berries, and >protein powder. If you feel that you really can’t live without a chocolate fix, then add a small amount of cocoa powder.

Protein should be the main focus of your muscle-building diet. Remember that muscle is basically protein, and this should be a large part of what you are eating. A good guideline is about 1.5g of protein per pound (weight). Carbohydrates are also important in perfecting the muscle-making diet. The carbohydrate Glycogen is our main source of energy, and functions in muscle cells as an immediate store of glucose for those cells. This means that by eating a moderate amount of carbohydrate, you are allowing your muscles to have enough glucose for metabolism, but not so much that you have problems with it being stored as fat.

The types of exercises that you should do when trying to build muscle are movements that involve multiple joints at the same time. For example, simple leg extensions won’t build muscle to the level that you probably desire, as this only involves the knee joint. A good exercise to try would be a squat, as you are using your ankle joint, your knee joint, AND your hip joint simultaneously. Since this movement includes all those joints, all of the muscle groups accompanying those joints are also going to be worked. A squat is something that you can not only use in your structured workout, but you can also do it when hanging out the washing, cooking dinner, or talking on the phone.

As you can see, muscle-building for women doesn’t seem that hard. All you need to have is heavier weights, a good understanding of the need that your body has for BOTH protein and carbohydrates, and the right exercises that you need to do.

After some hard work, you will be rewarded with rock hard legs, arms that would make you look good in anything, and [thirstylink linkid=”3651″ linktext=”abs that a bodybuilder would be proud of” class=”thirstylink” title=”abs that a bodybuilder would be proud of”]!

Ynnah Yeung

Female Fitness Specialist

Ynnah Yeung is a nutrition specialist for women that want slimmer, more defined bodies. Together with her husband Clément Yeung, she runs Muscle 4 Hardgainers from around the world.