Jon Benson’s 7 Minute Muscle: My Review

I’ve only used the program once as I’ve only bought it a few days ago, so I can’t tell you yet about my own success from it. However I just found out about this program and how it’s likely to be pulled out from the market soon (see my Conclusion below for explanation) so I thought I better write a review here right away to let you know what I think.

What is 7 Minute Muscle?

The 7 Minute Muscle by Jon Benson is a Muscle building System that demands that you workout in a gym, but only for 7 minutes at a time (and he guarantees GREAT results).

If you’re really ambitious or if you’re a bodybuilder, you only have to workout for 14-21 minutes.

Sounds too good to be true, right? That’s what I thought as well.

But I am a self-employed guy who frankly don’t have much time at all, so when I head about this claim, I was all ears! So I bought the program just a few days ago and thought I’d share my findings with you guys, too. (I reckon if it was a load of crap I could just refund my money anyway)

So who is it for?

If you are currently spending 5 to 15 hours a week in the gym (and that doesn’t count cardio, meal planning, food prep, etc.) then you may want to read this review word for word.

7 Minute Muscle is for those who are interested in saving time and saving money on wasted supplements.

If you’re a woman, this program is also suitable  for you. The 7 Minute Muscle System is perfect for getting the look you really want. Slightly larger muscles and less bodyfat THAT is “toned!” In fact, there are three girls in the videos. One is a doctor and a mom with three kids.

Also for LADIES, there’s a bonus audio that shows you how to get a great butt and shapely legs without needing a gym. All you need is a ball, bench, and possibly some light dumbbells. My girlfriend is actually excited about this program because her current program requires her to workout for at least 60 minutes per day – 6 to 7 times a week! (insane, right?)

7 Minute Muscle is for…

  • The busy executive who can only squeeze in a few minutes a day to exercise (like me)
  • The frantic mom who still wants to keep in top shape even with the job and kids.
  • The hard-core bodybuilders and muscleheads who are always looking for that edge
  • Beginners who don’t want to waste time
  • The frustrated “no-gainers”
  • The athlete who need to train but also need to focus their energies on training for their sport
  • The super-busy college student

Basically anyone who wants to save time—male or female, young or old, beginner or advanced lifters.

Who is the Product NOT for?

You’d think 7 minutes for a workout sound too easy. Well actually it’s freakin’ torture.

So it’s not for wimps, whiners, or quitters.

It’s also not for those who thinks they “Know a lot” about muscle building already and aren’t willing to be open-minded to principles that goes against what they know. I obviously read a lot about these kinds of stuff so this was particularly difficult for me to do.

Who is Jon Benson?

It all started when Jon Benson realized that he was practically living in the gym and didn’t have much time for anything else. He felt that he actually did NOT have much of a life (I’m sure you can relate, right?! LOL) and he wanted it back.

He discovered that much of the advice from mainstream fitness publications were written by “genetic freaks” (his words, not mine) supplement-mongers and steroid-abusers.

So he tried to find out what it USED TO BE like – back when there were no supplements and no steroids. What did the best muscle builders do?

He found out that they were getting results in just minutes a day – NOT hours.

From then on, answering the question, “How can I get the most results in the least amount of time?” became Jon’s obsession. And it lasted for 3 years, after which he was able to produce 7 Minute Muscle.

AM I Really Just Supposed to Work out for 7 F*$@ing Minutes?

My thoughts exactly. And the answer is Yes.

The exercise protocol is timed at exactly 7 minutes for Level 1 trainees. Jon’s routine is setup to do extremely high-intensity exercises in short bursts.

There are protocols for high-level intermediate trainees. If you are at this level, you can try the 14-minute protocol.

But if you’re truly hardcore and you need to train longer (elite-level bodybuilders, or people who just like the gym a hell of a lot), there’s a 14-minute and 21-minute protocol you can do. It sounds easy, but apparently not even Jon Benson does this protocol.

Be aware that these protocols don’t involve Cardio. But the over-all routine given includes a TOTAL fat-burning routine for ….wait for it…. a whopping 9 minutes extra 2-3 days per week.

What makes this product Different from other similar products out there?

7 Minute-Muscle is practically going AGAINST what mainstream bodybuilding programs teaches:

Mainstream Bodybuilding Publications’ Advice: 7 Minute Muscle
Eat 6-9 times a day Eating all the time is not practical for today’s fast-paced lifestyle; It takes too much time and it’s not good for your organs
WorkOut 5 – 15 hrs per week Can YOU keep that up? If you don’t have a life, yeah.
Take loads of Supplements! You need all the help you can get. You only need a FEW basic supplements. The rest are waste of money
Train 10-15 sets per muscle group Take a hike.

The ebook is actually short (under 100 pages) so I like it a lot 😉

Saves time. It’s tһе quickest workout I’ve used, but it’s also tough (hell yeah it’s challenging enough).

Saves money that you drain out for sending hours in gym and for dietary items

Helps you get rid of 6 meals a day program

Very concentrated workouts (bу body раrt)

Easy-tο-follow videos explaining each exercise

Provides a free email or electronic mail course.


You really need to get into a GYM to do this program. So if you don’t want to commit to a gym membership or you have no access to a gym, you can still do this program but you won’t get the optimal results.

The program goes against almost everything you have been taught so far about muscle building that you will really need A LOT of open-mindedness to get through to this one and really apply it. In fact it asks you to FORGET everything you know so far and start over with a clean slate of a mind and then just DO what the program says.

And oh yeah, be ready to do some “Woo Woo” stuff. LOL

There’s a section in the book that teaches you about the science of “Psychophysiology”, or how the mind and body affect one another to increase performance. So Mind-over-muscle stuff.

You’ll learn about Jon’s “3-Flow Technique” and how it alone will increase your training results by over 200%. You’ll discover how a particular brain wave that you produce every day naturally can be stimulated without anything but your thoughts (specifically, where you choose to put your attention) that will increase your results even more.

Don’t say I didn’t warn you. Yeah it’s for weirdos like me.

What’s included the Package again?

On top of the 100-page e-book, there are 7 Videos:

  • Introduction to 7 Minute Muscle
  • Chest
  • Back
  • Shoulders
  • Legs
  • Arms
  • Butt & Legs (Home Workout video)

Is it really good value for money?

I think it is. The main thing about the offer that attracted me is that you can potentially get a fantastic body exercising just under an hour per week. I currently spend 6 hours every week in the gym. That’s a difference of 5 hours, and even though I absolutely LOVE bodybuilding, I have a business to run as well so when I heard about this benefit I just grabbed the program right away.

If you work out for 5 hours a week, you would gain 4 hours every week = over 1 year of extra life if you are 30 – more if you’re younger.

So the amount of time which 7 Minute Muscle saves you is massive. We’re talking years! It can give you hours of free time each week. You’ll easily make up for the $77 $44 price tag. Also, as I said before, if you’re not so sure it, you have 60 days to make up your mind.

Most of the quality muscle building program available online today are now more expensive than 7 Minute Muscle, so you’ll be paying less for such an exceptional program.


Overall, if you’re looking to spend less time at the gym and still get results, this is a program worth having in your arsenal.

If you apply yourself using 7 Minute Muscle for 60 days and for ANY reason do not find it the most effective, time-saving, muscle-building workout you’ve ever done, Jon will gladly refund your money. No questions.

I recommend you check it out now. 7 Minute Muscle has just been picked up by a Fitness Publishing House. That means that 7 Minute Muscle will be licensed to the publisher, and they will likely keep it at the $77 price (if not more).

So Jon wants to blow it out and give you massive discount before the Fitness Publishing House takes over. The program used to sell for $77 but now he’s offering it at $44.

Grab your copy of the 7 Minute Muscle here.


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