No-Nonsense Muscle Building Review

No Nonsense Muscle Building Ebook
No Nonsense Muscle Building Ebook

Vince DelMonte’s No Nonsense Muscle Building is “The Skinny Guy’s Secrets to Insane Muscle Gain.”

If you’re a “Hardgainer” or someone who finds it extremely hard to put on muscle or gain weight, this natural bodybuilding program was put together for you. If you practically live in the gym you’ll love this program because it’s designed to give you maximum results in less time.

Vince’s approach is perfect for you if you want to primarily look like a Fitness Model, rather than look like The Incredible Hulk. However if you want to be really big, the teachings inside No Nonsense Muscle Building can definitely take you to as big as your genetics and willpower will take you.

Is No Nonsense Muscle Building Program Suitable for Beginners Only?

Definitely not. No Nonsense Muscle Building is suitable for Beginners and Intermediate bodybuilders who want to achieve the body they want without the use of drugs or expensive supplements and equipment.

However there are also plenty of stuff here for the Advanced/experienced bodybuilder. If you have been bodybuilding for a long time and you still haven’t achieved your goals then something is obviously not working for you – and going back to the basics and “unlearning” what preconceived notions you have may be exactly what you need to start reaping better results.

Saying that though, probably the one who benefits the most from this program are the beginner to Intermediate bodybuilders because the program does a good job of preventing the beginner bodybuilder from committing common mistakes. Readers are educated about the common hypes, fallacies and myths surrounding the issues of bodybuilding, nutrition, weight training, muscle growth and even supplementation.

I definitely wish I had read No Nonsense Muscle Building earlier – it would have saved me a lot of time, effort and I would have saved me thousands of money (I used to spend over £100 a month on supplements alone – supplements that did nothing for me but I kept taking them anyway).

Why Should I Listen to Vince DelMonte?

Vince DelMonte back when he was Skinny Vinny
Vince DelMonte back when he was “Skinny Vinny”

A common mistake many bodybuilders (myself included) commit is taking advice from “Bodybuilding Experts” who is genetically gifted in the first place. These are the ones gifted with a body that allows them to practically grow their arms just by lifting a remote control or beer bottles while watching TV, and who could develop massive pecs and 6 pack abs on a 40-30-30 diet (40% McDonald’s or KFC, 30% Pizzas and 30% Alcohol).

If you’re a hardgainer, it makes sense to listen to someone who is built just like you and was able to create the results you are after – for himself and many other people.

And someone who fits that bill is Vince DelMonte.

Vince himself was what he called a “skinny twerp”. Like us, he wasn’t genetically gifted to have great muscle building genetics, hence he earned the nickname “Skinny Vinny” when he was in College. He was a competitive distance runner as well at that time, which did not help his plight.

After College though, Vince got sick and tired of his nickname. He applied his knowledge in Kinesiology and what he learned from other successful bodybuilders, worked really hard and succeeded. Within 6 months he put on 41 pounds of solid muscle and had 9% body fat. He even became a Fitness Model Champion.

Because of his success, Vince built his personal training business specializing in helping fellow hardgainers who want to defeat their skinny genes. Thus No Nonsense Muscle Building Program was born.

Vince DelMonte as a Fitness Model Champion
Vince DelMonte as a Fitness Model Champion

Vince understands the plight of the hardgainers. He understands the unique challenges skinny guys face in attempting to gain weight and put on muscle. He’s been there, and with his guidance you too will be able to overcome these obstacles, because inside No Nonsense Muscle Building are all the dieting and training techniques that have provided big results for him as well as his personal training clients.

What makes [thirstylink linkid=”3650″ linktext=”No Nonsense Muscle Building” class=”thirstylink” title=”No Nonsense Muscle Building”] Different from other programs out there?

1. Holistic Approach

The first thing you’ll be working on is your mindset.

It may sound a bit woo-woo, but it’s true that your mindset is the most important aspect that will determine your bodybuilding success. This is because you will never succeed in your weight training routines or your bodybuilding diet if your thinking and attitude are flawed.

If you don’t have the right mindset in the first place, you will never follow through, you will not work hard enough, you’ll give up as soon as you encounter setbacks, your diet will be lousy and your discipline will be non-existent. Champions know this and all successful people know this – and that’s why Vince will drill this in your head as the foundation where everything else will rest upon. Take this part seriously if you’re really set on achieving the body you want.

On the first part of your program you will learn:

  • Give up the excuses you’ve been telling yourself why you are the way you are
  • Bust the beliefs causing you to be lazy
  • Quit thinking negative thought patterns that’s preventing you from acting on your goals

The main thing is to come away with the understanding that just as Vince DelMonte’s clients did, you too can have the body you want – it’s simply a matter of following through and executing the program diligently.

“I am genuinely interested in taking you from regular-to-ripped, whether that means bulking up or cutting. We’re going to change your mindset, your body and eventually your entire life.” ~Vince DelMonte

2. Simple and Practical

One of the best thing about No Nonsense Muscle Building is that it presents everything you need to understand in a simple, straightforward, actionable manner. The weight training program starts you at the basics and then eases you right on up to some very advanced techniques.

After reading a chapter you are armed with everything you need to know, and you know exactly what you need to do. It lays out concrete, specific, step-by-step action plans and workout training programs – no more confusion and no more excuses.

3. Myth Busting

No Nonsense Muscle Building
No Nonsense Muscle Building

Ironically, a big part of your learning under Vince’s guidance is “unlearning” certain concepts that you previously thought were helpful.

For example, you’re probably one of those dudes shelling out a fortune on weight gain supplements month after month (I should know – I used to spend over £100 a month on supplements!). Vince will show you how to keep your money instead AND actually gain muscle like you never did before.

Vince will also reveal the truth about bodybuilding magazines and why their advice are usually bias. He even reveals the scams that the bodybuilding and fitness industry have been playing for years – and how you can make sure you don’t get sucked in anymore and fall prey to their little known tricks.

Another common mistake both advanced and beginner bodybuilders commit is not giving their body enough time to recover and repair itself. To drill the importance of adequate rest in your head, Vince DelMonte devoted an entire chapter of No Nonsense Muscle Building about this topic – yep, it’s that crucial.

Vince DelMonte also devoted a chapter to hormones and the important role hormones play in the muscle building building process. You’ll learn techniques about how to optimize your hormone levels via correct and well-executed nutrition plan and weight training program designed to maximize your muscle building hormones.

4. Individualized Program

The kickstart program will have you pump iron in the gym for 3 short (under an hour) but very intense full-body workouts per week. From there you are given tools to let you individualize your program so that you are reaping the optimal gains possible. You will learn specific methods for adjusting the different factors of your workout like intensity, daily calorie intake, nutrient ratio, sets and reps, resting, etc.

One thing emphasized in the program is the importance of listening to your own body and developing your intuition or gut instinct to guide your actions. This is because formulas, techniques and methodologies can only take you so far but at the end of the day your body is unique and you can only know what truly works for you by experimenting. You need to see what, why and how various stimuli affect your body, and track and measure your results from there. Only then can you truly unlock the secrets to your own transformation.

5. Rich and Comprehensive Learning Resources

No Nonsense Muscle Building Member Zone
No Nonsense Muscle Building Member Zone

One thing about the program that really stood out for me is the quality and depth of the learning resources.

On top of all the information you get, you will also get access to various tools and support systems to ensure that you succeed in the shortest time possible. You’ll get access to an online calculator that calculates how much calories you need to achieve your goal, whether it be to maintain, get ripped, or gain weight progressively.

You’ll also find online access to a site where you get presented with your own workout schedule – you simply click the date and get back a printable workout plan for that day, complete with illustrations and complete with animated exercise descriptions and tips for correctly performing those exercises.. It also records your results so you can refer back to it – a great help to keep you moving in the right direction.

But it doesn’t stop there, of course. Vince understands that eating loads and loads every day in order to gain weight is bloody hard. So he shows you precisely how to get it done -detail by detail.

You’ll be guided and shown how to “detox” your kitchen, how to shop for food (and what exactly to shop for, how much to buy), how to prepare and cook each nutrient-dense meal, how to train your body to get used to your new way of eating, how to ensure your muscles are always fed enough energy to make it grow, how to gradually replace your current eating habits with the new muscle-building habits, etc.

You’ll also get the 10 No Nonsense Nutrition Rules For Insane Muscle Gain. If you’re hopeless in the kitchen and want the nutrition side of things to be even simpler, there are sample recipes included in the package: a full 84 days of simple, done-for-you meal plans tailored for various dietary levels (from 2,000 calories to 6,000 calories). So if one of your excuses for not eating enough was your lack of culinary skills, don’t despair – if you can follow rules and recipes, then you can look forward to insane muscle gains.

“I’ll provide you with all the tools to build a head turning physique that demands respect and boasts confidence and pride. We’ll get you into the fittest shape of your life.” ~ Vince DelMonte

No Nonsense Muscle Building: What’s in the Package?

Here’s What You’ll Get with Vince delMonte’s “Hardgainers Success Kit”:

No Nonsense Muscle Building Success Kit
No Nonsense Muscle Building Success Kit
  • 201-page “No-nonsense Muscle Building” Ebook for Men or The “No-nonsense Body Shaping” for Women – with Unlimited Updates
  • The 29-Week Step-by-Step “Intensive Workout Program” for Beginner-Intermediate Level
  • The 29-Week Step-by-Step “Max Power Workout Program” for Advanced Level
  • Have Vince take you through the entire program step-by-step as you watch the No-nonsense Muscle Building DVD
  • The “Upside Down Kickstart Program”
  • The Hardgainers Secret Weapon: “Empowered Nutrition”: 84 Day Healthy Meal Plans
  • The Virtual Exercise Demonstrator
  • The Metabolic Growth Calculator
  • Vince’s Personally Reviewed Nutritional Supplements Collection
  • Get answers to your bodybuilding questions 24/7 – Access to Instant Fitness Coach
  • Get all the Social Support you need from the No-nonsense Private Member Zone

If I Really Must Whinge, I’ll Complain About…

As with any information product, there’s the tendency to get overwhelmed with all the information you’ll be absorbing. So there’s the danger of information overload. Also you may find things a bit complicated sometimes, but that’s OK because as you explore more and watch the videos and use the tools provided, everything will eventually click and fall into place. (And when all else fails, you can always seek support from the Member’s Area.)

Another downside is that the exercises listed in the workout routines are mostly doable if you have access to a well-equipped gym. It would have been great if there was a list of alternative exercises that anybody can do when unable to go to the gym.

And lastly, the program requires you to work really hard, follow instructions and be really disciplined, committed and focused! No depending on weight gain pills, protein shakes or any miracle cure. You will be expected to grow muscle using only natural methods, nothing else.

Seriously though, this is not for the lazy, the losers, the full-of-excuses, extremely pessimistic skinny twerps – this program is for those who are ready and willing to do whatever is necessary to achieve the body they want.

No-Nonsense Muscle Building
No-Nonsense Muscle Building


Full 8 Weeks No-Questions-Asked Money Back Guarantee

Value for Money:

At $77, I honestly think it’s an absolute bargain

Overall Rating: 9.5 out of 10

Price: $77

My Overall Verdict:


Joel, Before and After No Nonsense Muscle Building
Joel, Before and After No Nonsense Muscle Building

Vince del Monte’s No-nonsense Muscle Building Program has managed to consistently remain one of the top-selling bodybuilding programs sold over the internet… and it’s easy to see why.

In order for you to succeed in achieving any goal, you will need the right knowledge, proven tools, a step-by-step action plan, a strong motivation, self-discipline, and adequate support. Vince DelMonte’s No-Nonsense Muscle Building Success Kit has got everything you’ll ever need to help you achieve all this and work your way up .

Considering all the information, support and benefits you’ll gain from it – plus the time you’ll save working out at the gym and all the money you’ll save from buying only the absolute essentials for your workout – I honestly think the author could be charging at least $200 for the kit. But at only $77 and with a No-Questions-Asked 8 Week Guarantee, buying this success kit poses no-risk and is an absolute steal in our opinion.

I was ready to throw in the towel when I stumbled upon No Nonsense Muscle Building, and I’m very glad I decided to give bodybuilding one more go and gave No Nonsense Muscle Building a chance.

So If you’re also at a similar crossroads now, if like I was before, you are also convinced that you are just one of those people seem genetically cursed to make no muscle gains no matter what you do, I highly recommend you give this program a shot. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

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