Sean Nalewanyj’s Muscle Gain Truth System: My Review

Like me, you probably have had your own share of disappointments over so-called bodybuilding and fitness programs. I’m sure you’ve encountered those types that over-promises but under-delivers, and has got an extortionate price. Not to mention the time and effort wasted in trying out these fitness products that only take your muscle weight on a rollercoaster ride, or worse, on a sluggish state. Which, by the way, lead you to beating yourself up more on what could be wrong about your body, or why you allowed yourself to be lured into getting scammed by the program.

Then you chance upon “The Muscle Gain Truth No-Fail System” by Sean Nalewanyj and you wonder if it really could help you achieve your dream body.  He’s talking about gaining lean muscle mass, while not putting on some pounds of fat in the process. You visualize yourself having the ripped body, the big guns and the washboard abs you’ve always dreamed of. Just by the name itself, Sean’s product has some humungous shoes to fill.

The question now is, “Does it deliver?”

Read my review and find out.

What is the product?

“The Muscle Gain Truth No-Fail System” became a result of lifetime natural bodybuilder and fitness writer Sean Nalewanyj’s mission to improve from his once skinny, twig-like body and “loser” image back in the day when he weighed in at only 125 lbs.

It is a whole bodybuilding and fitness package that contains virtually anything and everything you could possibly think of – an e-book, videos, audios, worksheets, coaching database, an exercise database, meal plans, workout plans, a logbook, heck it even includes a software!

Who is this product for?

“The Muscle Gain Truth No-Fail System” can actually be used by any aspiring bodybuilder. It is suitable for the average or inexperienced, as well as for the skilled and advanced bodybuilder who has been looking for the answer to his muscle and weight gaining problems. Especially if you are a hardgainer, this product caters to the questions, problems and concerns that usually plague those who struggle to gain weight.

Sean definitely highlights that if you really want to make this system work, you have to be disciplined enough to follow his workout plans and instructions like he is your very own personal trainer at home or at the gym. Laziness just will not cut it for him, and instant results will not be seen until you take Sean’s program seriously and allow him to re-teach you the things you need to know on how to really gain mass fast.

So if you’re the type of person who still thinks taking miracle pills is the way to go, then this is not the program for you. Also if you have been round the block a few times and you have a lot of preconceived ideas already, be prepared to have an open mind and be willing to try his principles out first before issuing your judgement.

If you’ve been trying to reach certain bodybuilding goals since forever, Sean will let you in on the real deal about muscle building, and the fact is it is hard task to accomplish.

Most bodybuilders fail because of distractions that they would encounter in the middle of their journey to gaining muscle mass. Sean will teach you how to properly manage distractions and keep you focused on your goals.

Others fail in achieving those muscle gaining goals simply because they’ve already given up from the start. They think that muscle building is complicated, but Sean will take those fancy workout routines, principles and supplements out of the equation, and encourage you to just follow his program.

Who is Sean Nalewanyj?

Sean Nalewanyj is a well-known bodybuilding and fitness expert, and is a best-selling author. He has studied bodybuilding books, workout programs, exercises, routines, principles, diets and supplements, and he created his No-Fail System based on all the information he’s gained throughout the many years of research and experimentation.

You can say that he is his own living proof of how effective his system really is. From a scrawny 125-pound teenager, he’s become a totally ripped 200-pound muscle man, and he was able to accomplish it at a young age just by educating himself, reading books, magazines, trying out supplements, diets, what have you.

“The Muscle Gain Truth No-Fail System” even made it in the New York Times, describing it as one of the most popular online muscle mass gaining program to date.


One of the things that Sean emphasized on that not all programs would tell you would be that muscle building is hard work. From his experience as the “loser” scrawny boy back in the day, you’ll find it easier to relate to him.

I actually liked the bonuses you could receive with this package. Certain additional items such as the Bodybuilding Inner Game e-book, the MGT Progress Tracker software and the My Personal Trainer database.

These are rare gems among online muscle mass gaining programs out there as they are all very helpful tools in helping you reach your ultimate muscle building goal fast.

Aside from the bonuses and the low price, one of the beauties of this program is that since everything can be downloaded online, Sean is welcoming you to test the entire system for 21 days for free. And if you finally get to purchase the product, there’s a 100% 8-week money back guarantee.


It’s hard to criticize such a comprehensive fitness and bodybuilding program that has made it so easy for everyone to purchase and use online, since everything is left all up to you if you want to achieve your goal.

But to be honest when I first stumbled on Sean’s sales page before I couldn’t help but notice the horrible “before and after pictures” his happy customers submitted to him LOL… Thank God he’s changed it now. But I still have the same comment about HIS pictures. It looks like he doesn’t have an updated “before” pic of him – the ones he shows looked like his pic when he was 10 or something! All pics you see of him are mostly his current ones. I really want to see what he used to look like as a skinny scrawny adult.

But apart from that, the only thing I’m really wondering now would be if there is an available non-electronic version of this package for those who don’t prefer doing everything via the Internet. While I could be talking about a very, very small group of people here, I wonder if Sean would consider releasing something of this sort.

Oh and my girlfriend says she doesn’t like Sean’s body – he looks too big for her taste, and she insists that many women prefer a more lean, fitness-model type of body rather than freakishly big.  So there yah go guys, just don’t overdo it, and my girlfriend will surely approve LOL 😉

What’s in the package?

  • It starts off with his best-selling 9-chapter e-book The Truth About Building Muscle that covers every aspect there is to be covered in your mission to gain muscle weight effectively.
  • Then there’s six No-Fail Support Modules that equip you with a comprehensive 26-Week Workout Plan and Printable Logbook that keeps track of your progress in the plan as much as it guides you effectively throughout the whole journey of making that great physique change.
  • A full video Exercise Database that teaches proper techniques for over 100 bodybuilding exercises
  • A 12-week dietary program ideal for your muscle-building goal
  • 6 Online Video Lessons
  • The Muscle Gain Truth Progress Tracker 6000 software membership and
  • “My Personal Trainer” database that provides 24-hour online coaching privileges.

And if that’s not enough, Sean throws in additional free bonus items, which includes three months personal Email Coaching that will have Sean training you continuously as you build your dream body, the Metabolic Blast that is a cardio and fat loss course, the Bodybuilding Inner Game e-book that focuses on how you deal with the mass gaining goal mentally, the audio version of The Truth About Building Muscle and some additional meal plans even for vegetarian trainers.

Along with those, Sean has decided to include his audio lesson The Top 12 Bodybuilding Mistakes Revealed, as well as his hour-long video In the Trenches that has him demonstrating his high-intensity workout routines.

Is it really good value for money?

I think it’s quite a bargain at $77, to be honest. If you’re not too convinced there’s a free 21-day trial you can take advantage of. On top of that there’s a 100% money back guarantee for eight weeks.

Of course you get the whole package  with some extras designed to help you get that added boost in your results.

I personally think that “The Muscle Gain Truth No-Fail System” is one of the best online muscle gaining programs available out there.

Just think of it this way, if it doesn’t work for you in eight weeks, you can return it, get your money back and move on to the next product.

I think, the best asset of this product is Sean Nalewanyj’s sincere way of showing the ropes to muscle building. His history and the way he can motivate you to push yourself harder, combined with the comprehensive and well-thought-of tools, software, videos and other aids he is providing you with his complete system makes this a really good buy.

To see a video presentation from Sean about his 1 Killer Secret to building muscles fast, click here.


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