Weird 6 Pack Abdominal Exercise (Video)

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Bored of the usual ab exercises and want something much more challenging and bizarre? Check out this video!

This video shows 2 versions of a weird exercise that can help you shape and tone your ab muscles (very helpful if you’re trying to look fit, ripped and buff on the beach this summer!).

The exercise involves hanging on a bar and using your upper body strength as support.

Beginners… don’t even try!

Version #1:

Pull yourself up on the bar. Notice how the arms are bent, supporting your whole body weight.


Notice how he's NOT just hanging there - his arms are getting worked, too!

Inhale, then as you exhale, raise your legs using your Abdominal muscles (NOT your leg muscles!).

Use your Abs to do the movement

Raise as high as you can, touching the with your feet if you can. Make sure to really squeeze your abs. Notice how his arms continues to support his body throughout the exercise – he’s not passively hanging on the bar.

Squeeze squeeze Squeeze those ab muscles!

Version #2 (Modified version):

This is the easier version. You might want to try this one first, actually.

Pull yourself up on the bar, but this time, bend your knees…

strong arms, knees bent

then pull your knees up towards your chest…

Remember to use your Core muscles

Really Squeeze (contract) your abs, and hold the position for 1 to 3 seconds before releasing. Lower your legs down S-L-O-W-L-Y.

The secret is in the Contraction, so really squeeze your abs!

Try it man – it hurts, I gotta tell yah!

Apparently this video was filmed 4 days before this guy competed at a big fitness model show. So this 6 pack abdominal exercise is designed to really shred your abs.

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