Thanks very much for your interest in contributing to this blog!

Here are important guidelines required for every article to be accepted for publication:

1. Must be Educational Content. We only accept guest posts that teach useful, creative and valuable ideas that are relevant to our audience. We do not accept press releases, or content disguised as “educational” but are actually promotional.

2. Must be original work: Please do not provide articles that have already been published and do not repurpose existing work (unless it is substantially different from the original).

You grant at least a two-week exclusive on your work and the right to keep your work on the site as long as we wish. After the exclusivity period you may use the content for your own purposes.

3. Article length: Articles should be at least 550 words in length.

4. Formatting: The following will help the readability of your articles:

a. Use short sentences and paragraphs: Most online readers are skimmers. Make it easier for them.

b. Add subheads: Break your sections using Bolded Subheads. Try to get creative as subheads lure readers to read your copy.

c. Highlight key text: Please bold, or italicize key points you are trying to make. Feel free to mix the use as needed.

d. Link sources: When you refer to a name, a company or quote, include a link to the source so readers can go and discover more.

If you know how, please hotlink the actual words you want linked within MS Word. If you don’t how do this, follow this format:

Blog Marketing [link to] is an awesome way to get free, steady, targeted traffic.

Note: use the “highlight feature” to indicate what should be linked.

Place the link in the text area: don’t place links in subheads or image captions.

Use the original link: don’t use affiliate links; don’t use links with the code from your Google reader or other source

e. Internal Linking: Cross reference at least one prior post residing on This helps our SEO and also allows readers to dig deeper.

f. Linking to your own stuff: As long as the value you offer is relevant to your blog topic, you are allowed to link only twice to a URL you own or control. We discourage you to link to a sales page because you are better off sending our blog readers to one of your lead-capture page.

g. Pictures: Include at least two images per article in your Word document. Avoid clip art, please. Also,send us a picture of you so we can feature it in the “About the Author” section

If you need photos to add to your articles, go to, find the photo you want and put the Shutterstock Photo Id number in your article. We will then download the photos and insert them into your article.


    • Photos should not exceed 480 pixels wide for larger pictures and about 240 pixels for smaller ones. Please pay special attention to the pixel width of your images if you are writing over screen shots. Your picture needs to remain legible when reduced to 480 pixels wide to fit on our website.
    • Provide image source links where needed.
    • Each image/screen shot must also include a one sentence caption.
    • When emailing your article, attach the pictures outside the Word doc so we can upload them to our server.

h. Video: You may use video in your posts, however we would prefer it to be a supplement only. Simply include the URL to the video.

i. Always end your article with engaging questions or an action request: To encourage discussion, always conclude your article with a question, such as: “What are your thoughts?” “What is your experience?” and an action request, “Please enter your comments in the box below” or “If you like this article, press the retweet button at the top of the page.”

j. Bio: Include your bio (maximum of 30 words), your website URL (full link), and your email that’s registered with

5. Headlines: Unless you’re a seasoned copywriter, we might alter your headline during the editorial process in an effort to create a headline that has the maximum value (and click through).

6. Audience profile: Please remember you are writing to an audience who are mostly male, between 16 to 45 years old, and wants to look better, gain more confidence, and feel better about themselves by gaining muscles.

Ideal topics to write about are:

  • muscle building fitness routines
  • muscle gaining hacks
  • celebrity workouts
  • nutrition hacks for muscle gainers, etc

Remember, be generous with your knowledge – they are reading our blog to learn, not to be pitched to.

6. Editorial review: We have two different editors that will take your article through an in-depth quality assurance process. If necessary, you will be contacted if we need additional information, edits, images, rewrites. This editorial process can take up to 2 weeks. We will notify you of the publish date within 1-5 days of scheduled publication date.

Final approval for all articles will be done by Clement (clement {at}, who also manages our editorial calendar. Please submit your article ideas or changes directly to him.

7. Community interaction: Be sure to check your article once it has been published and respond to comments using the reply button. Please also check the Muscle4Hardgainers Facebook Page for the update on your blog post and respond to comments there. This will give you more exposure.